10 principles to deliver your best customer service, every time

As a Project Manager, a successful project is about more than just completing a project according to the contract. A better measure of project success is when a Client is so happy with the result that they’re willing to give you a glowing recommendation at the end of it.

You always want the campers to be happy. Photo credit: Mike Erskine via Unsplash.

For every new project I made it a personal goal to do a great job and to make sure that each client felt like they were always getting the best possible result (and indeed they were!). While the goals, strategy and deliverables on each project were different, delivering a great customer service experience is something everyone should be striving to do. After all, more and more data today points to customer service being the defining factor in if a customer decides to buy or use a product or service again.

I found that if I applied a set of specific principles (or steps) to every project, I know that what I’d be providing is the best possible customer service to each client. So without further ado, here they are.

10 Principles for delivering your best customer service, every time

1. Listen – yes but actually listen, and to the things that might not be said. If you really try to listen (and understand) what the other person is saying this is usually half the battle. Make it easier on yourself and really try to listen.

2. Respond in real time – making someone wait for a response is not good, usually because it makes the other person feeling that they’re not special. Even if you don’t perhaps have the answer to a specific question, just say ‘i got your email, and will get back to you _(when you’ll get back to them)__”

3. Do what you say – if you say you’ll get back to someone tomorrow morning, you better do it! Or else the other person will start to feel they’re not special.

4. Follow-up – if someone says they’ll get back to you tomorrow morning and they don’t, follow-up! This shows that you care, and that you were LISTENING when they told you they’d get back to you tomorrow morning.

5. Explain your process – don’t assume everyone is an expert in what you do, after all they hired you to do whatever it is you’re doing. Think of it like being at the dentist, would you like to know the situation before you see a big drill coming at you?

6. Make information accessible – don’t hog the info, have a place or way to share information about what you’re doing so people don’t feel like they’re in the dark. And once someone knows it’s available, they might not even use it.

7. Own your mistakes – if you screwed up, own it. It will encourage others to do the same.

8. Anticipate  – you can’t see the future but as the expert you should be able to look out for situations that can be prevented or averted. In other words, be proactive.

9. Move things forward – some people might call this ‘getting to yes’ but the right answer could be anything. If you are in a situation you you don’t know which way to go, ask yourself ‘what do i need to do to move this situation forward’? ‘What has to happen for us to get to/do X’ – whatever the answer is, focus on that and what you need to do in order to move it along.

10. Be a partner – a Client is a client but everyone wants to feel like they have a friend. Make them feel like you’ve got their back.






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