Every morning millions women around the world open their closets and ask themselves the same question, ‘what am I going to wear’? One would assume that an Emmy award winning journalist and A-list actress wouldn’t have this problem but surprise, they’re just like us! Whitney Casey and Brooklyn Decker were determined to come up with a way to make it easy for women to get dressed, find new clothes based on their tastes and get more use more of the clothes they already have.

Finery Co-founders: Whitney Casey and Brooklyn Decker.

Bringing Finery to Life

As a team we collectively loved that scene from Clueless where Cher uses her WOS to to help her pick our her outfit and wanted our ‘Finery girl’ to have this feeling of success every time she gets dressed.

Our initial challenge was to position Finery in its own category so it wasn’t perceived as another e-commerce platform. Finery was build on proprietary machine learning algorithms that were designed to get to know a woman’s personal style and offer daily outfit inspiration based on her existing closet items. It would also recommend new items if she was interested in seeing them, allowing her to then use built-in wish-listing to save potential purchases for later and notify her of any price drop alerts, all features to help her take her style to the next level with less effort. And of course any recommendations have to be 100% shoppable and purchasable right from in the app.

Like a virtual stylist but IRL

Bridging the gap between online and real life, Finery looks for every opportunity to serve up useful information that might aid the daily dilemma. A key feature was a way for her to create and save ‘looks’ using her existing wardrobe. Whether it’s for work looks or planning a pack-list of an upcoming trip, we wanted to make it easy and fun to do on-the-go.

Create looks with items already in your closet. Experiment with looks using items you’re interested in to see how they might work.

In addition to creating looks herself, for anyone interested in getting a bit of extra help, Finery offered individual styling services right from within the app. With a user’s permission a stylist would be able to access someone’s wardrobe in the app to help them create and plan looks as well as make recommendations based on her unique styling goals.

Automate, review and refine

A big moment of delight in Finery is the ability to securely connect the app with your email to find online purchase receipts and generate a digitized catalog of your wardrobe. You can always fall back on taking pictures of clothing items if you really want to but it’s not the 90s anymore.

As style preferences change and evolve over time, Finery’s features make it easy to customize outfits based on colour, brand, and personal preferences to find exactly what you want.

Brand Visual

We were so thrilled with how the app was coming together that we felt it was really important to really get the brand right We went through many iterations and visual treatments of the brand and landed on one that both teams are proud of. But we didn’t stop there. We built a marketing site as a continuation of the visual design and unique story, providing people with the exact information they need to know to inspire download.

UPDATE: Finery was acquired by Stitchfix in July 2019.