Instagram is creating a generation of poor spellers

I’m quite aware that there have other posts that have called out poor spelling and general use of the English language, like in this one from BuzzFeed.


What I  usually say is “come on, it’s Instagram what can you really expect.” But I’ve realized that I was very wrong. We can’t let this go unchecked and we need to help people become better spellers immediately. What is it that made me do such a 180 on the subject of spelling, and that one should at least try to use the correct spelling, even if it’s on Instagram?


Summer is my favorite time, not just because of the sun but because I love all of the summer fruits. Of course you can find most things all year round but it’s always better in the summer.



Here are 5 fruits being misspelled by the thousands




Almost 140k posts by people who can’t spell PINEAPPLE. In their defense PINEAPPLE is more of an exotic fruit it’s not something one might see everyday.


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There are so many for this one that I had to double check that I was using the correct spelling. Unfortunately I am not wrong. The ‘P’ is silent but perhaps overtime like evolution it will just go away because no one is using it.

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This is shocking because it’s literally two smaller words that describe what the fruit looks like put together! BLUE + BERRY = BLUEBERRY – how hard is it?

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Ok not quite as easy as BLUE + BERRY = BLUEBERRY but still. Many of the photos actually have straws in them too, so next time STRAW + BERRY = STRAWBERRY.

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This one has absolutely no excuse, just learn how to spell it.

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