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I'm Tara, this is my website

Appity Snacks

I'm Tara, this is my website Say hello.


Organizational Transformation

Put change to good use.

Whether its creating a structure to help scale faster or identifying specific business processes optimize, I work with all levels of an organization to create and implement solutions that make the difference. more

Project Management

Great execution matters.

Whether you need leadership for a team of Project Managers, ownership over a single engagement, or the experience to get a project back on the right track, I can help. More




Why did we make this?

If you’re anything like us you probably don’t have business cards on you but all the time but you definitely have your smartphone.

Shoot’s the digital business card for all of your business.  Group your info info different profiles for sharing in any situation so you never miss another opportunity.

There are lots of situations where you meet someone you might want to connect with again at some point.

You want to keep in touch but handing out a business card can be hugely impersonal. It’s also kind of awkward and doesn’t really make sense if it’s not a work related situation.

May 23, 2017
Dear Client: How you can give better design feedback

Providing the right feedback is a huge part of making a client-agency partnership a success.

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April 22, 2016
A simple (and effective) framework for customer feedback

So you’ve gone to great lengths to get customers to give you feedback but once you get it, what do you do?
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Project miscommunication
February 26, 2016
5 project miscommunication scenarios (and how to avoid them)

Keep and eye out for these scenarios and minimize the potential for a miscommunication.
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